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Shopping For Clothing Can Mean Big Savings

If you are in need of some new clothes for you or the kids, you know that clothing can cost you a mint and impact your budget tremendously. Soon, what should have been a quick visit to the department store becomes a day long adventure as your daughter looks for pants and your son tries to find the right pair of Nikes. 400 dollars later your budget has taken a big hit and your kids are only somewhat satisfied with their purchases. You imagine that there has to be a better way, but you aren't quite sure what that is.

Like so many shoppers, you paid too much for clothing. Likely, you took advantage of a "back to school" sale and quickly learned that the bargains were on everything your kids don't want like backpacks, shorts, skirts, and shoes. Instead of enjoying the experience you grow frustrated and bite your bottom lip as your daughter tries on a pair after pair of hip jeans, preppy shirts, and out of this world socks.

Here are some ways you can save on your clothing budget:

Check the Sunday Circulars - the biggest sales along with coupons regularly show up in the Sunday newspapers. Readership for all newspapers has dropped dramatically, but Sunday newspaper reading remains strong. Knowing this, retailers will publish their best deals in the papers on Sundays.

Store Close Outs - Federated Department Stores recently snapped up a bunch of other retailers and they are in the process of converting many stores over to the Macy's name. Some lines of clothing featured at Hecht's and Marshall Field will not transition over to the new store brand, so taking advantage of close out sales is a great way for you to save.

Friends and Family - Some department stores extend their employee discounts to family members and friends of associates once or twice a year. This means that on top of sale savings you can save another ten or twenty percent and save a bundle.

Between and Out of Season Buys - Stores don't observe calendar seasons the way that we do. Try finding a bathing suit after July 4th and you'll be out of luck. Buying a winter coat in August can be wise especially with prices at their lowest. Purchase your bathing suit in January, your running shoes in February, and your ski equipment in September for smart savings.

Yes, shopping can be expensive, but it can also be an adventure. Look around for the best deals and big savings can be had by you.