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Can You Find An Annuity Calendar Online?

As annuity payments become a more common thing in many households, you need to know how to manage your annuity payments and your annuity tax. This is not an easy task, especially if you are managing annuity payments for more than one person in the household.

Are you confused by your annuity payments and annuity tax? Are you never sure when your next payment is due? Do you keep forgetting when you need to be looking at your annuity payments?

These are normal problems and are easily solved with an annuity calendar. An annuity calendar will ensure that you remember to keep everything to do with your annuity payments straight and will help eliminate this confusion in the future.

My Annuity Payments

Depending on your plan, annuity payments are made regularly. Your life insurance company should have given you details about when your annuity payments were due when you first signed up. However, many people lose this information or misplace it, so if you don’t have it any more, you should contact your life insurance company and ask them to send it out to you. This should not be a difficult process, just call the company and speak to the customer service desk. They should be more than happy to help you with all of the details that you need.

Where can I get an Annuity Calendar?

Check with your life insurance company as to whether they can issue you with an annuity calendar. Some life insurance companies do have annuity calendars in hard copy so if you would like a hard copy version you should check with them as to whether they have them or not. If they do not have an annuity calendar they can give you then you should ask them to send you the annuity payments and annuity tax dates for the next 12 months so that you are able to create your own. For more information on doing that, please see the end of this article. The other possibility for an annuity calendar is to look online.

Finding an Annuity Calendar online

Go to the website of your insurance company and have a look around. Some companies have special online areas for their clients. You will need special log in details to access this area, so you will probably have to call the life insurance company to get them to set these details up for you. Some companies have personal annuity calendars in their special client only areas of their websites. This is great if you are having trouble remembering all of your annuity payments details.

Of course, if you can’t find an annuity calendar on line you can always make your own annuity calendar to track your annuity payments. Simply get a calendar and mark all the dates of your annuity payments on it. Or you can manage this online, using one of the many free calendar programs, such as the one offered by Google. This is a simple and pain free way to manage your annuity payments.

You should also mark annuity tax dates on your calendar, especially if you are in a fixed annuity. When you withdraw money from your annuity and pay the annuity tax it is good to have this date marked on your calendar so that you know when you will have to be paying the extra money.

With an annuity calendar you never again will have to worry about remembering all of the dates for your annuity payments and annuity tax – you will have it all in one place, either electronically or in hard copy and the information you need will always be within your grasp, whenever you need it.